The Newsroom Episode 5

How long is he going to be on the balcony?

It’s change in the Near East and the team is trying to get into Tahrir Square.  They’re having trouble getting outside, but Neal (Dev Patel) thinks he’s got an Egyptian that can work for them.  Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) isn’t the only one having trouble with the tabloids.  Mackenzie MacHale (Emily Mortimer) is now in the crosshairs because her boyfriend, who has been on Newsnight a good deal recently, is running for Congress.  There’s also the battle over organized labor in Wisconsin and the Koch (pronounced Coke) Brothers have funding with Citizens United and others involved.  Meanwhile, some relationship issues for Jim Harper (John Gallagher Jr.).

They’re finding our way into the bread and butter section of The Newsroom (2012).  I can tell that because the show ended and I thought, “Wait, what?”  We’re five episodes in and I am really losing patience with time.  I want to know what happens next.  Appropriately, the corporate battle is going as slow as chess by mail.  One move.  Wait a week.  One move.  Wait a week.  Oomph.  The difference between this and serials in The Strand and the like is that you can’t peruse the serial at your leisure.  The wait is still the same.

If Will picked up the gauntlet last week, then he came out with his first threat.  Last week, the corporation’s move looked pretty strong, but this week, Will’s promise to destroy his opponents made it seem almost foolish.  I expect they will reestablish the stakes next week, but for now Will looks like the better bet.  That said, I was surprised that Will [Spoiler] instead of using that information as leverage against [Spoiler].  Maybe that’ll be next week too.

Sorkin is the best.  Have I mentioned that lately?  It’s an easy manipulation, perhaps, but his choice and execution is peerless.  That’s a pointless tease, I know, but I thought I’d put it on record.

Reviews of Episodes 123456789, and 10.

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