The 2012 Academy Awards: Will, Should, and Did

It happened last night and I inspected the results this morning.  How did I do?

Best Picture – Correct

Will: The Artist

Should: The Descendants

Did: The Artist

Best Director – Wrong

Will: Martin Scorsese

Should: Martin Scorsese

Did: Michel Hazanavicius

Best Actor – Correct

Will: Jean Dujardin

Should: Dujardin

Did: Dujardin

Best Actress – Wrong

Will: Viola Davis

Should: Viola Davis

Did: Meryl Streep

Best Supporting Actress – Wrong

Will: Janet McTeer

Should:  Berenice Bejo

Did: Octavia Spencer

Best Supporting Actor – Correct

Will: Christopher Plummer

Should: Christopher Plummer

Did: Christopher Plummer

Best Cinematography – Wrong

Will: The Tree of Life

Should: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Did: Hugo

I was also right on Original Score, Original Screenplay, Animated Feature, and Art Direction.  Wrong about Adapted Screenplay.

That gives me 7/12 predictions.  Could have been better, could have been worse.

About Prof. Ratigan

A semi-lawyer and amateur enthusiast.
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One Response to The 2012 Academy Awards: Will, Should, and Did

  1. 2manybooks says:

    A few thoughts: The saddest part of the evening was two nominations for original score. Two? That’s it? Why was Tintin not up for animation? Hugo was a lovely movie, but a much better book. Cirque de Soleil was a surprisingly fun addition to the festivities – a nice balance to the 30 minutes of “Who are you wearing?” nonsense at the beginning. Speaking of which, if these extremely wealthy people “borrow” the dresses and jewels, who actually buys them? Is it merely prestige to devote that much time for a freebie? And what’s with making Margaret out of Meryl more deserving than the creation of a gazillion characters in Harry Potter? Even Hobbs was more of a transformation.

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